What is Bloat?

What is Bloat


Bloat is where the stomach fills up with gas or food. As the stomach swells up it puts pressure on other organs of the body. This can cause tearing of the lining in the stomach and make it hard for the dog to breath. The stomach can twist and this condition is called Gastric Dilatation Volvulus. It’s a condition where the blood flow is stopped from returning to the heart and other organs. When this happen your dog can go into shock. Bloat can be fatal so if you think your dog is suffering from it you need to take it to the vets immediately!!

The signs to look out for are a swollen tummy, the dog seems restless and pacing, vomiting but nothing comes up, accept some foaming at the mouth and shallow breathing.

The cure for bloat does depend on how bad your dog is, sometimes all they have to do is relieve the pressure by passing a tube down the dog’s throat into the stomach. On the other hand, if the dog stomach is twisted then they are unable to relieve the pressure and in this situation the vet will have to put a needle in its stomach. In more serious cases, surgery will have to be performed.

There are some simple things you can do to prevent bloat from happening such as – not too much exercise before and after a meal, feed your dog small meals through the day, make sure your dog takes only a normal amount of water per day and don’t feed your dog with a raised bowl.”

“Bloat is a common canine emergency and one of the few that requires immediate surgery
Contents like food, gas and fluid cannot move in either direction, so they rapidly accumulate and cause distention. If this is not relieved, stomach rupture will occur.”


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