Keeping Ferrets as Pets

Keeping ferrets as pets

Ferrets are a very social animal and love to be handled as long as you have them from young. They are playful and curious animals much like a cat our dog. Ferrets can be easily toilet trained to use a litter tray.

They are generally not aggressive but just like dogs where children are involved it is best to supervise as they can nip. Ferrets require lots of time and attention much more then a cat or dog. You will be require to give them several hours of exercise and play outside their cage. They can be become board easily and this can lead to a mischievous and destructive nature.

Ferrets are social animals and as long as you socialize it with your cat or dog when young they will get along with your cat or dog. It is still is advisable to keep an eye on them. They are not an animal to have around small pets like birds or rodents.

You can’t have ferrets as a pet in Queensland or the Northern Territory in Australia.

“Their name in Latin means ‘little thief’, a group of them is called a ‘business’ and humans have been keeping them for more than 2000 years. Ferrets have a long history with humans, starting as a hunter’s aid to flush out rabbits and increasingly becoming pets living inside our homes….”

“Ferrets are considered ‘obligate carnivores’ which means they should only eat a meat-based diet. A good option for pet ferrets is to provide a constant supply of high-quality commercial kitten food, as they have high metabolisms and require access to food at all times.”


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