How to Teach a Pet Mouse Tricks

Teach a Pet Mouse Tricks

A mouse is a wonderful pet if you don’t have a yard and live in a unit. They are friendly and clean and don’t take a lot of looking after. Mice are intelligent and with a lot of attention will learn all sorts of tricks. The best time to train a mouse is from young. Like most animals, if you can get a young mouse it will allow you to handle it and be more willing to learn. Even without training, a mouse can be entertaining to watch.

Mice are quite clever and depending on what you want them to do they will accomplish most things. You may even want to get things to put in there hutch for them to perform their tricks. One thing that is a must is an exercise wheel.

There are many varieties of mice so you have quiet a choice.

“People love to show off the tricks their pets can do and pet mice owners are no exception.”
“Training a pet mouse takes a lot of patience but pet mice can learn tricks in about 2 weeks.”
“After your pet mouse learns a trick, you can train it to respond to the sound of a bell or clicking your tongue, especially if you give the treat when you make the sound at the end of the trick.”


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