A house-call comeback

Say Hello to House Calls


This article in Catster talks about the move back to veterinarians and other animal professionals making house calls. It goes on to explain how house visits are such a great idea, especially for cats. Most cats don’t like to travel and it is quite stressful for both cat owners and cats. Dr Katie Johnson is a veterinarian and co-founder of a mobile clinic Vip Vet Visit in South Chicago. In this article, there are links to other professionals such as Groomers, Acupuncturist etc. who also do house calls.

I believe that there are veterinarians who do house calls in Australia and also there are quite a lot of groomers who will groom your dog at home. This makes it so convenient for people who work and also for the elderly.

“Mobile pet professionals are a growing trend. The house calls of 2020 are hip, in some cases high tech, and many say that they are affordable.”
“You can book appointments online or via an app. A medical clinic on wheels offering minor surgeries and X-rays may roll up your driveway. And when it comes to cats, house calls are usually win-win.”


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